The voices of the desert. Tissardmine 2020

Giuseppe Gavazza, recently associated with Cresson as a researcher, was to present his work at the “AG” Cresson in March 2020. He had just returned from an artistic residency in the Moroccan Sahara, an immersion in the desert carried out in January 2020. He had planned to present the video which will follow. He could not come and finally we cancelled the “AG” in our turn. G Gavazza, presents us his residence and the links he is now forging between desert experience and confinement.

The context

Artist residence at Café Tissardmine, Morocco; Sahara desert close to border with Algeria,
Period: January 3rd – January 31st 2020.

Tissardmine is a remote little village in the Sahara desert at about 45 minutes drive off the road in the desert.

My project

My activity focuses on recording sounds to collect voices: the voices of nature, of people, of human activities; these sounds will be the musical source for my artistic and research activity.

In my work I follow this process:

  • Sounds recording,
  • Selection of the sounds to constitute a repertoire, an acoustic anthology (a sonilegium?),
  • Selection and archive of complementary materials: photos, videos, texts, maybe drawings and music sketches.
  • Selected audio files will be published online and made available in shared archive along with texts as:
    • an explanation and statement of the project,
    • for each audio file a detailed description of the context and situation as, explanatory/analytical text, also related with complementary materials,
    • questions and proposals to open a dialogue with interested people. 

Here the video-audio: being mainly binaural recordings, headphones listening is suggested.

Relations between the project “Tissardmine: the voices of the desert” and “I listen to your heart, city”

In a previous post G Gavazza presented his collection of recordings during his daily outings in his city of Turin.

There is a particularly significant and touching audio fragment for me, at 9’50” of the video: listening to the portable radio on one of my daily walks in the desert, on Thursday January 30 (the last day before leaving to come back to the frantic normal life: and I was very sad) at 12:40: a news broadcast in French reporting the first news of COVID19 cases in China.

These days of confinement in which I have been walking out for a month to cross the neighborhood of Turin, an almost deserted city, to listen to and record her voices, I think, have been anticipated by those days, however completely different, of the “confinement” of the artistic residence in Tissardmine.

Unexpected for the huge difference between the two situations, but it is interesting to reflect on how different and how similar they are and they appear. And how we cannot imagine our future.

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Giuseppe Gavazza

Giuseppe Gavazza (1957), live in Torino. He studied Composition, Direction, Piano, Musicology and Electronic Music at Milano Conservatory with-among others-Paolo Castaldi, Azio Corghi, Alberto Peyretti, Goffredo Haus, Marco De Natale, Guido Salvetti and Giovanni Acciai. He has collaborated with CSC Padua University, LIM Milan University, SWF Experimental Studio Freiburg, IRCAM Paris, ACROE-ICA Polytechnique Grenoble where, in 2018, completed a PhD on subject: "De Rerum Natura: Physical modelling as a tool for musical composition". From 2020 is Associated Researcher at CRESSON, Centre de Recherche sur l’Espace Sonore et l’environnement urbain, laboratoire AAU, CNRS, Ecole d’Architecture de Grenoble. He teaches Music Composition and Analysis at Cuneo Music Conservatory. Promoter of events of contemporary music and arts, new technologies and musical theatre for children has collaborated with Luciano Berio, Sergio Liberovici, Enrico Correggia and Giulio Castagnoli. His compositions won international competitions, are edited, recorded and executed by accredited performers and festivals and broadcasted on international radio and networks. Partecipated in Artist in residence programs round the world where realized more then 150 collaborative projects with visual artists, film and theatre directors, video makers, architects, poets, choreographers and dancers, writers and photographs. “My primary goal – as musician, artist and researcher – is to find new spaces and opportunity for my music”

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