Parution : Sonic Urbanism: The Political Voice

The Political Voice is the second publication in the Sonic Urbanism series edited by &beyond for Theatrum Mundi.

The first one is Sonic Urbanism: Resonances in a New Field. TM / &Beyond Collective. London, 2019. ISBN: 978-1916-186408


This second volume explores the political voice as a particular sonic phenomenon, asking how and where it is possible to have a ‘voice’ in urban politics, the relationship between material and metaphorical readings of political speech, and how voices can be amplified or silenced in cities. Responses explored vocal contestations and noisy citizenship, technologies that transmit or transform voices, and the ways that sound art and experimental music stage collective voicings.

The Political Voice. Kafka, George, Editeur scientifique; Lovell, Sophie, Editeur scientifique . – Theatrum Mundi ; &beyond, 2020. – 72 p. – (Sonic Urbanism) . URL éditeur :

In an experimental progression from the first volume of Sonic Urbanism, Sonic Urbanism: The Political Voice is published both in print and online. Both versions can be enjoyed separately in their entirety, but they are also designed to complement one another. This approach has allowed for the commissioning of audio pieces as well as texts, and the publication of additional sounds and songs, voices and videos, to augment the written contributions.

George Kafka, &beyond collective

As Far as the Ear Can Hear Listening to the social city
Grégoire Chelkoff

Over the last three decades, architect Grégoire Chelkoff has been recording and analysing the performance of voices in varying urban spaces. In this text, he reflects on the social life of sounds in cities and introduces his ongoing sound library project,

De nombreux enregistrements sont en ligne sur le site Theatrum Mundi

Polyvocality. On the mechanical separation of body and voice
Eleni Ikoniadou

The Movement Exists in Voice and Sound. Political reverberations between Damascus and Athens
Kareem Al Kabbani and Tom Western

The Cries of London On costers, pedlars, hawkers, fishwives, tinkers and barrow boys
Duncan MacLeod

Resonant Bodies. A discussion about listening in museums
Eric de Visscher and Gascia Ouzounian

The Commons and the Square. A Politics of Resonance
Ella Finer

Post-Conflict Soundings. Noise and voice in Abidjan
Fabien Cante

Scoring the Social Voice. Lin Chi-Wei’s “Tape Music”
Jonathan Packham

But Can It Talk Back? Conversations with the city
John Bingham-Hall with Alexandra Lacroix and Saskia Sassen

Françoise Acquier

Chargée de ressources documentaires Equipe Cresson - UMR Ambiances Architectures Urbanités - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble.

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