The castle of crossed disciplines – Cerisy 2023

Séminaire scientifique & de création
à Cerisy – du 15 au 20 mai 2023 

As part of the Europe B-AIR project, this project brings together international partners from universities, radio and sound arts. It aims to explore new theoretical, methodological and practical tools to promote listening as well as sound creation. Through the prism of ambiances, we question our inhabited and living spaces in the face of environmental and societal changes, and we are particularly interested in so-called vulnerable audiences (very young children, people with disabilities, the elderly and the sick, etc.).

This seminar, including guests, was developped in 4 ways :

– theoretical presentations or reports of experiences in the morning ;
– small group work in the afternoon (writing, recording podcasts, walking, preparing sound installations, etc.) ;
– listening and discovery of sound installations at the end of the day or in the evening ;
– a creative workshop with students from art schools (Annecy, Tours), the conservatory of Cuneo, the school of nature and landscapes of Blois.

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01 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 1  

01.1 – The Castle of Crossed Destiny, call for participative project

Giuseppe Gavazza 

+ pdf


01.2 – 92,5FM – sympathy radio

Evangelia Paxinou, Petros Flampouris, Nicolas Remy

2 sound sound broadcasters  record and transmit live  their sounds on the FM92.5 sympathy radio frequency. Their sounds (composition) are therefore retransmitted by radio waves to listeners that are  wearing bone conduction audio headsets. Listeners by walking are  hearing  at the same time (naturally and by bone conduction) the surrounding sound environment and the sound compositions of the 2 sound broadcasters  who are from a distance. FM92.5 Sympathy Radio is therefore between a sound installation and sound performance, like a musical counterpoint between individual and collective soundscapes.

+ pdf

01.3 – The heritage that remains. The sound space of the Romanesque churches of the Catalan Pyrenees

Ona Ballo

+ pdf

+ Viatge Invers

  Sound installations & performances

02 – FM92,5
Paxinou E., Flampouris and Remy

03 – ISS

Thierry Mouillé

04 – Shared Listening

B-Air cuts


TWIXTLab (dj Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas)

– Athens_Fokianos Parrots in traffic / Belgrade_park_Sound kitchen / Cuneo_flutter echo / Bounce echo kpisn firecrackers /
– Μέγαρο Ιστοι / Belgrade_Gong bath (1.Into) / 
– Portbou_train station_bell, ambiance, mosquito birds /
ELS_Crescento / fegari / 
– Belgrade_Archangel_Michael_Cathedral_choir_acoustics
poulia /  Portbou_train station_mosquito birds 1
Sao Paolo – Alexandre – 9th Winter School / – aeras / – plits /
ELS_Circular finale

05 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 2  

05.1 – Where to go? New directions in studying sensory environments

Helmi Järviluoma, Heikki Uimonen

+ pdf

05.2 – Sounds from Sarajevo siege

Lejla Odobasic Novo

+ The electro acoustic composing “Symphony of the Siege” and sound composition “Peace”
+ This is the link to the documentary

05.3 – Tangible Radio – haptic orientations on a deaf planet

Dana Papachristou, Georges Samantas, Petros Flampouris

 05.4 – Listening to the city between water, mountains, and industry : making sense of Grenoble and its hinterlands

Sebastien De Pertat, Marc Higgin, Laïs Janvion

  Sound installations & performances

06 – bells, flute & echoe

Cresson Team :
Sébastien de Pertat, Marc Higgin,
Théo Marchal, juL McOisans

07 – Les sirènes du Drac (1.4)

Cresson Team

08 – Shared Listening
Radio Utopia News of the World – live test 1

juL McOisans, Cédric Pichat, Nicolas Tixier

09 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 3  

09.1 – Sharawadji

Théo Marchal, Nicolas Rémy

09.2 – Learning by sound, becoming landscape designers

Lolita Voisin, Olivier Gaudin

+ pdf

09.3 – Ambiance of a country in wartime: an approach based on Ukrainian artists’ works in progress

Perrine Poupin

09.4 – Sympthony for babies and toddlers

Saska Rakef Perko

  Sound installations & performances

10 – The Castle of crossed destinies

Cuneo Team (Tetrapack) :
Letizia Ambrosetti, Domenico Bosio,
Matteo Ricci, Marta Zigante 

+ score

  11 – Shared Listening
RTV program (Saska – Jackals)
12 – Sound evening organized by students
(Cuneo, Tours, Annecy)
  the team (in order of appearence)

Giuseppe Gavazza Laureate of the University of Turin, studied Composition, Direction, Piano, Musicology and Electronic Music graduating from Conservatory of Milan. He has collaborated with European research centres like LIM Milan-University, CSC-Padua University, Experimental Studio SWF-Freiburg, Ircam-Paris. Since 1999 he is resident composer at the ACROE-ICA Polytechnique Grenoble where he completed a PhD in 2018- based on compositional use of software GENESIS-titled, Physical model synthesis as tool for music composition. He currently teaches at the Cuneo Music Conservatory and is permanent researcher at AAU Cresson, Grenoble.

As organizer has been involved in contemporary music, arts and new technologies and musical theatre for children collaborating with Luciano Berio and Sergio Liberovici.
His compositions have successfully participated in international competitions, are published, recorded and broadcast internationally.
As an artist in residence, he has developed collaborations with visual artists, film and theatre directors, video makers, poets, choreographers and dancers, writers, photographers realizing about 150 collaborative projects.

Evangellia PAXINOU is an architect, Dr. (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), DEA Ambiances Architecturales et Urbaines. After several years in architectural offices in private sector in Greece and in France, she’s now associated researcher at “Ambiances, Architectures, Urbanités” research laboratory (AAU-CRESSON, UMR CNRS, France) and employed by the technical services of Volos municipality, Greece (public space and public building design and rehabilitation). Her work focuses, as an engineer and as a researcher, on the creation of the atmosphere for the public in contemporary public spaces.

Nicolas REMY is associated tenured professor at the architectural department of architecture at the Polytechnic School of Thessaly university. He’s teaching building physics and has developed several courses on acoustics, ambiances and soundscape design. Associate researcher at CRESSON (CNRS, ENS School of Architecture at Grenoble, France) and researcher at the Sustainable Design of the Built environment lab ((SD+ΒE Lab),  his work deals with the concept of ambiance as a a tool and as a method for architectural design. In 2016 he co-organized the 4th International Conference on Atmospheres and since 2018 he is co-director of the Ambiances International Network.

Petros FLAMPOURIS works as freelance architect in Volos and Athens, Greece, specialising in architectural design. He Studied Applied Arts (BA) and Architecture (BArch, MSc, MArch) in Greece and in Scotland and is currently a PhD candidate in its Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly (SD+ΒE Lab). His thesis is related to new research perspectives of sound environments through the application of the soundscape. His research interests (academic and artistic) lie in the fields of architecture, architectural acoustics, as well as other key conjuncture points between spatial design and sound studies. He has participated in publications and workshops.

Ona Balló Pedragosa Historienne de l’art, programmatrice cinéma et commissaire d’expositions. Intéressée par les croisements narratifs entre musique et image, ses recherches analysent la richesse de certains espaces sonores en relation avec des réprésentations picturales. Elle écrit régulièrement sur l’art et le cinéma, et s’occupe de la prise de son sur les tournages.

TWIXTlab is a project space in Athens, situated between contemporary art, anthropology and everyday life. It is engaged in social research and theory, art research and production, education and social intervention. Since its establishment in 2014 it has organized, hosted, and participated in research projects, art events, exhibitions, screenings and discussions, while it has also provided educational and training modules, workshops and seminars for the wider public, on topics within its cross-disciplinary curriculum.

Dana Papachristou is a musicologist and artist who focuses on the combination of arts through the use of new media. She has studied music (piano, clarinet, composition) at the Hellenic Conservatory, musicology at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Music Culture and Media in the departments of Media and Music Studies, leading to her dissertation, which looks into the “Relation of Music and Painting within Modernism Throughout the Correspondence of Schoenberg and Kandinsky.” She holds a PhD in the discipline of Philosophy of Art in regards to Deleuze and Guattari and her thesis was about “The Aesthetics of New Media Art through Capitalism and Schizophrenia: L’Anti-Oedipe and Mille Plateaux” at Paris 8 | Vincennes – Saint-Denis and the Ionian University. In the recent years she has participated in interdisciplinary research projects about contemporary music and its relationship with other forms of art and in several music and geo-locative projects, and has worked as a musician in education. She is a founding member of Akoo.o collective. At the moment she is a lecturer in the department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries in the University of Thessaly and a visiting scholar at CalArts.

Yorgos Samantas is a social anthropologist with a particular interest in listening and walking as cultural practices. He is using sound, walking, mapping, photography and video as means for experimentation for the broadening of anthropological research, expression and knowledge production. He has conducted research concerned with sound in youth urban cultures, with the senses, memory, and the urban experience, the environment, mental health, and contemporary art institutions, in Athens, Andros island and Manchester.

He has taken part in art events, residencies, exhibitions, and presentations in Greece and abroad, either solo or with his art group, akoo-o, and has worked as a sound engineer, sound designer and researcher in documentary films, a scientific advisor for the radio, art mediator, and a dj. He is a member of TWIXTlab, a project space situated between anthropology, contemporary art and everyday life.

Thierry Mouillé

Helmi Järviluoma is a Finnish sound, music, and cultural scholar and writer. She is a Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Eastern Finland, and Principal Investigator of ERC AdG project Sensory Transformations. Among her 180 publications, Acoustic Environments in Change (2009) together with Simon Fraser University, and Gender and Qualitative Methods (Sage 2003/2010) continue to draw attention. She has written and directed altogether six radio features for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE; three alone and two in co-operation with Steven Feld, and one with Noora Vikman. She was chosen as the Professor of the Year 2019 in Finland.

Heikki Uimonen (Doctor of Philosophy) holds a post of research director at the University of Eastern Finland. He held professorships at University of the Arts (2012–2017) and University of Eastern Finland (2020–2021). He is an ethnomusicologist and a docent on acoustic communication and soundscape studies at the Universities of Tampere and Eastern Finland and part-time musician. Uimonen has published 143 texts consisting of peer-reviewed articles on books and journals, editor-refereed publications, monographs and publications intended for professional communities and publications popularising research.

Lejla Odobašić Novo is a Bosnian-Canadian architect and holds a professional license by the Ontario Association of Architects in Canada. She has over ten years of diverse professional experience in a number of renowned architectural practices both in Canada and internationally (including Toronto, London, Madrid, Rome and Istanbul). She is a regular member of Ontario Association of Architects and the Royal Canadian Institute of Architects. Currently she is also serving on the Steering Committee for AABH (Architectural Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and is a faculty member at the International Burch University Department of Architecture in Sarajevo. In 2018 she founded the Architecture Program within Kuma International Centre for the Arts in Sarajevo and has been appointed the program’s director in 2019.

Within the academic framework, Lejla has authored over twenty academic publications and two books. She has carried out a number of projects, exhibitions and other academic initiatives.  Some of which include work with Liana Bresler on the project “Jerusalem-Sarajevo: In-between Cities” in 20010/11 (exhibited in Cambridge, Sarajevo, London, Opatija), DAAR Decolonizing Architecture residency in the West Bank in 2011 under Eyal Weizman, Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal (exhibited in New York, London and Neuchâtel),Tandem Western Balkans project in 2020 with Aleksadnar Obradović from Philopolitics entitled “(Re)making history: tracing politics in urban space” researching for similar pattern of historical revisionism that took place in Belgrade as well as in Sarajevo after 1991 through the renaming of streets, public spaces and monuments. Currently she is also the project leader for International Burch University in a Creative Europe Large sale Co-operation project “B-AIR” and is a BH representative in COST action 19131 (European Co-corporation in Science and Technology).

Marc Higgin is anthropologist and researcher at Cresson. My research focuses on the daily practices of social life and the place of the “nonhuman” within human ways of inhabiting the world: our relations with the environment, with animals, with materiality and our waste.I am currently working on a project called SENSA, which is based on the assumption that the senses and the sensible are particularly relevant points of entry for thinking about current and future changes in the relationship we have with our living environments. From 2018 to 2020, I worked as a postdoc on the Trajectories project in the PACTE laboratory, studying how people’s daily practices, shaped by particular ecologies, inform their understanding of place and its possible futures, in the Romanche valley. My doctoral research, at theUniversity of Aberdeen with Tim Ingold, involved working with visual artists and their practices of making, following the different contexts, each with its own value regime, in which materials are transformed into works of art.

Sébastien De Pertat is a PhD student in AAU-Cresson laboratory. His research focuses on sensitive approaches to the socio-ecological issues of the Anthropocene.

Nicolas Tixier is an architect, DR and HDR. He is a Professor of theory and design at The National School of Architecture of Grenoble and also teaches at the Annecy Alpes School of Fine Arts and the Grenoble Institute of Urbanism. He is a researcher at the CRESSON Laboratory (UMR AAU) and a member of the International Ambiances Network. He is a founding member of the BazarUrbain collective. Since 2009, he has been president of the Grenoble Cinematheque. Since 2018, he has been director of the CRESSON and deputy director of the UMR Ambiances, Architectures, Urbanities.

Théo Marchal is an architect, musician and associate lecturer at the School of Architecture of Grenoble and PHD student at AAU-CRESSON laboratory. He has been working for several years on the importance of sound in the design of spaces and on their potential as “materials” for construction and project elaboration through site-specific experiments, pedagogical workshops and musical research. His specialization in digital tools related to the design of space associated with questions about ambiances has led him to investigate the question of tools, and more particularly the close link they maintain with the design of architectures. His PhD work (directed by Grégoire Chelkoff) focuses more specifically on the development of a tool that allows sound environments to be taken into account from the very first sketches of a project(architectural and urban) through a digital process of real-time auralization and articulation with 3D design tools.

juL McOisans studied educational sciences in the early 80’s & musicology in the late.
After professional experiences in graphic design and telematics, he integrated the Cresson laboratory, in charge of the publications and of the valuation of the research.
The specificity of this one, focusing on the sound environment, brought him to lead diverse experiments on the whole audio process : from the in situ recording, to the processing & editing and to the distribution & broadcasting (supports, media, installations…).

Cédric Pichat Ingénieur d’études CNRS depuis 2003, je suis dans l’équipe Cresson du laboratoire AAU depuis le 1er avril 2021 suite à une mobilité interne (noemi CNRS). Après avoir rejoint le laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition (LPNC) en 2003, laboratoire dans lequel je me suis spécialisé dans l’accompagnement des projets utilisant l’IRM comme outil d’investigation scientifique (IRMf, connectivité fonctionnelle et anatomique), j’ai ainsi eu l’opportunité d’intégrer l’équipe Cresson. J’ai trouvé dans cette équipe un lien très puissant entre ma formation d’origine (DEA Traitement du signal et des images, Licence / Maitrise de physique appliquée), mon expérience passée (techniques expérimentales, accompagnement scientifique, développements méthodologiques) et mon aspiration d’évolution personnelle.

Ainsi au Cresson à Grenoble et au Crenau à Nantes, ma mission est d’accompagner les chercheurs dans leurs projets à travers la gestion des dispositifs expérimentaux et des capteurs associés, dans les campagnes de mesures des ambiances et des sensibilités, ainsi que dans les besoins en développements méthodologiques.

Lolita Voisin

Olivier Gaudin

Perrine Poupin

Saška Rakef is a playwright and director. Projects on the crossroads of radio and theatre art comprise an important part of her opus, along with those based on the research and translation of radiophonic principles and/or the principles of musical composition into the direction-dramaturgy procedures and the procedures of writing for the theatre and radio (development of new dramaturgies and composition possibilities of contemporary texts for the radio or theatre). More concisely, her research focus comprises contemporary art radiophony, direction of sound, sound dramaturgy, post-opera. Her work has been presented at festivals at home and abroad,  nominated and awarded several times (Branislav B Cubrilović Award for best festival production at the 4th International Multimedia Festival Patos(off)iranje, Srbija, Grand Prix at the Juventafest Festival in Sarajevo, nominations for Prix Italia and Prix Europa, etc.).



D’immenses remerciements à Edith
& à toute l’équipe qui fait vivre le château de Cerisy :

Secrétariat : Arnaud, Jean-Christophe, Morane, Michaël

Cuisine : Ghislaine, Patricia, Nelly, Sonia, André

“Service” : Chantal, Juliette, Isabelle, Josiane, Vandin, Camille et Marianne

Jardinier : Arthur

Entretien : Pascal

These recordings are part of the research:

B-AIR – Art Infinity Radio – How does the world sound?

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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