Colloque : Music in Architecture – Architecture in Music, University of Texas at Austin, October 19-22, 2011

De la part de Nicolas Rémy veille pour nous depuis Volas (Grèce), Merci!

Date limite pour l’appel à communication : 1er mai 2011

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Papers are invited from individuals in all branches of music and architecture: composition, design, practice, performance, theory, research, history, musicology, management…
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* How spatial logic informs musical form, and vice versa.
* Metaphorical and phenomenological links and tensions between music and architecture.
* How digital architectural design and digital composition (synthesis/sound-design) can fuse both arts.
* The ways in which architectural acoustics influence(d) musical composition and performance.
* The mental spaces or structures created by the experience of music.
* The “visual music” created by the experience of architectural forms.
* Site-specific compositions and/or occasion-specific architectures and musical performances: historical accounts, future possibilities.
* The process of composing compared to the process of designing.
* “Popular” vs. “serious” forms in music and architecture: comparisons, assessments, interactions.
* Styles (of architecture) and genres (of music) considered synchronically, diachronically.
* Perception/cognition of space (or buildings) and perception/cognition of music.
* Shared vocabulary (rhythm, texture, movement, weight, tension, tonality, etc, etc.): parlor game or deep homology?
* Systems of education in architecture and education in music: comparisons.
* Biographies or architecture-loving composers and music-loving architects; histories of collaboration, roads not taken.
* Is architecture performed? And if so, by whom?
* Quantification and analysis: what is captured by mathematics, and what escapes it, in both arts?
* The experience of music and/or architecture under the influence of personal/portable media players and communication devices.
* New materials, new instruments, new effects. Novel geometric approaches to sound.

Françoise Acquier

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