Livre : Landscape beyond land : Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives

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Landscape beyond land : Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives. Edited by Arnar Árnason, Nicolas Ellison, Jo Vergunst and Andrew Whitehouse. Berghahnbooks. 244 pages. ISBN : 978-0-85745-671-7 Hb $65.00

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Land is embedded in a multitude of material and cultural contexts, through which the human experience of landscape emerges. Ethnographers, with their
participative methodologies, long-term co-residence, and concern with the
quotidian aspects of the places where they work, are well positioned to
describe landscapes in this fullest of senses. The contributors explore
how landscapes become known primarily through movement and journeying
rather than stasis. Working across four continents, they explain how
landscapes are constituted and recollected in the stories people tell of
their journeys through them, and how, in turn, these stories are embedded
in landscaped forms.

Arnar Árnason, Nicolas Ellison, Jo Vergunst and Andrew Whitehouse

Chapter 1. Walking the past in the present
Christopher Tilley

Chapter 2. ‘A painter’s eye is just a way of looking at the world’: botanic artist Roger Banks
Griet Scheldeman

Chapter 3. Encountering glaciers: Two centuries of stories from the Saint Elias Mountains, Northwestern North America
Julie Cruikshank

Chapter 4. Fences, pathways, and a peripatetic sense of community: kinship and residence amongst the Nivacle of the Paraguayan Chaco
Suzanne Grant

Chapter 5. Elements of an Amerindian Landscape: the Arizona Hopi
Patrick Pérez

Chapter 6. Thalloo my vea: Narrating the landscapes of life in the Isle of Man
Sue Lewis

Chapter 7. Cairns in the landscape. Migrant stones and migrant stories in Scotland and its diaspora
Paul Basu

Chapter 8. Folk liturgies and narratives of Ireland’s holy wells
Celeste Ray

Chapter 9. How the land should be: Narrating progress on farms in Islay, Scotland
Andrew Whitehouse

Chapter 10. Visible relations and invisible realms: Speech, materiality and two Manggarai landscapes
Catherine Allerton

Chapter 11. The shape of the land
Tim Ingold


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