Ouvrage : Making Sense of Suburbia through Popular Culture

suburbiaMaking Sense of Suburbia through Popular Culture. Rupa Huq. Bloomsbury Academic, 2013. 240p. ISBN: 9781780932248. http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/making-sense-of-suburbia-through-popular-culture-9781780932248/

We all know what suburbia is, indeed the majority of us live in it. Yet, despite this ubiquity, with no formal definition of the concept, the suburbs have developed in our collective imagination through representations in popular culture, from Terry and June to Desparate Housewives. Rupa Huq examines how suburbia has been depicted in novels, cinema, popular music and on television, charting changing trends both in the suburbs and popular media consumption and production. She looks at the differences in defining suburbia in the US and UK and how characteristics associated with it have shifted in meaning and form.
Table Of Contents :

Seeking Culture in a Cultural Void? The Relationship Between Suburbia and Popular Culture
Writing Suburbia: The Periphery in Novels
The Sound of the Suburbs: Noise From Out of Nowhere?
Pastoral Paradises and Social Realism: Cinematic Representations of Suburban Complexity
Suburbia on the Box
Women on the Edge? Representations of the Postwar Suburban Woman in Popular Culture to the Present Day
Conclusion: Towards a Rewritten Heterogeneity of Suburbia

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Françoise Acquier

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